Client Questionnaire

    Please complete and accomplish the form. Your response will help us to define the initial direction of your new website based on a clear understanding of your vision, type of business and requirements.

    Client input is the foundation upon which successful identities are built. This questionnaire will help you articulate and identify the overall goals of development project, including specific answers regarding the message, audience, look and feel, and application.

    Each key decision maker in your company should fill out his or her own form and answer each of the questions in a brief and clear manner. Please add any additional notes or comments at the end of the questionnaire.

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    Do you currently have marketing materials that we should incorporate?

    Goals, Purpose, Concept, Focus, Direction, Strategy, and Message

    What is the core purpose of your Website? Check all those apply.

    What is the primary message you wish to convey?

    Do you have any specific design elements in mind?

    What kind of interactivity will your site need?

    Style. Design Message, Theme

    What image do you want your site to project, what should be "the look and feel"?

    Please list some examples of sites that you like:

    Sites where I like navigation:

    Sites where I like the color scheme:

    Sites where I like the branding or image:

    Sites designed for same target audience:

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    Please list some competitor's sites and what you like and dislike about them:

    Please list some sites that you like in general/overall. Explain what you like and dislike.

    Please list sites that you do not like. Explain:

    Logo and Corporate Identity

    Do you have a company logo?

    Do you have a company slogan and/or mission statement?

    If yes, what is it?

    Do you have a corporate color scheme or any symbols/icons that we should incorporate in our designs?

    If yes, please list:

    Do you already have image/graphic content for your website?

    Approximately how many photos/graphics would you like to use on the site?

    Do you have text content ready for your website?

    Do you have anything in mind for background images or colors?


    Are you going to be accepting credit cards/paypal?

    If so do you currently have a merchant account?

    List the name of your merchant account if you have one:

    What are other modes of payment you would like to use?


    Would you be interested in having us to do updates and maintenance to your website?

    How often would you require updates

    Do you require us to train your employee for updates?

    Would you be interested in assistance to promote your site and/or register you with search engines?

    Additional Notes/Comments

    As much detail as possible is preferred, but anything you can provide initially will help guide us in defining the initial direction for your website. Thank you.